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Girls In Action

Our story

What Girl gang is about

A group of young girls that does charity work every month in and around their communities passionate about serving. They do everything from serving the elderly to visiting children’s homes. We have groups in Riverlea , Eldorado Park, Florida and Bellavista.

Girl Gang Supports

Menstrual Hygiene Day

Because every girl needs a helping hand

Menstrual Hygiene Day is an annual awareness day on May 28 to highlight the importance of good menstrual hygiene management at a global level
We at Girl gang, work with our patrons to ensure that we do everything to give a helping hand to every girl who is less fortunate

Working together
make a difference

Your donations change lives

Empower a girl, empower a generation

a Girl gang member

Please help us by sponsoring a girl with a Girl gang T-shirt

Its about change

Changing communities
one girl at a time

Its a girl gang thing!

Its a Girl gang thing !

Making moves

"The purpose is to get our youth involved in community service and to empower them as young strong fearless women"

Monique Badenhorst

Girl Gang Awards 2022

Put A Smile on their faces

You can make a difference

we do more than just charity work

We are developing future leaders that will make a positive impact on their communities

The Joy of Giving

A Poem by: Martine Weber​

Whatever choice you make makes you!
So miss the very thing that breaks you
Let the joy of giving amaze you
Listen to your heart that wakes you
To walk the path that takes you
To a place where love Awaits you ❤

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Reaching out to our own

We have a goal to reach out to every girl in every community, We believe that with your help and your donations, we can change our world. We want to build stronger communities, led by our girls. Networks that will last a lifetime, developing tomorrow’s leaders and corporate executives. We are passionate about the future of our girls and their communities. We humbly ask for your involvement with sponsorship. We need your help, wether you want to give away old clothes and shoes, or cater for one of our regular outreach programs, avail your vehicle and time to drive our girls around to do what they do, or just volunteer your talents. There is always a need and as the Girl Gang, we can always use your help. To volunteer contact Monique Basson at or call, WhatsApp at 072 221 3686. Get in touch and find out how you can make a difference.


Girl gang today! Here is how you can get involved

Girl gang wishes to thank all our patrons for their contributions